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Topic:   Lamp Replacement

As a mercury halide lamp gets older the gas in the bulb deteriorates making it less effiecient and the electrodes burn back making the arc gap bigger. This not only causes the lamp to fade but in time will put more strain on components within your projector. Particularly, running an old lamp in your projector can cause the lamp ballast to fail (expensive!!). It is therefore not recommended to run the projector for too long with an old lamp!! :)
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Topic:   AE500 - Broken. Please help!!

Hi from the UK, I hope you guys can help me. My AE500 started playing up last week. The power cable when put in kept sparking and I couldn't get power on the unit. If I fiddled around with the lead I could get it to work by holding it in place and the picture was fine. If I let go though it went off again. Took it into my local service centre who said the power unit was shafted so replaced it and charged me £79.90 all in. Got it home to try tonight and the picture is all distorted. There are vertical jagged lines all the way across and I can't even read the menu screen. Also giving out a green tinge to it all. Here are some pics of it connected to an Xbob 360 by vga (have tried component too - same): [URL=]Pic 1[/URL] [URL=]Pic 2[/URL] [URL=]Pic 3[/URL] [URL=]Pic 4[/URL] Looks like the place who 'fixed' it have caused more damage than before or is it likely to have been a power surge when I had the sparks? What part of the unit do you think need replacing? Not happy about paying any more for it to be fixed seeing as the guy said he'd tested it and all was fine. He probably just turned it on and back off again to test the new power supply. Any suggestions on what it can be and what I should do next? Could it be something simple I can do? I have accessed the hidden menu and then looked at the service settings and the blue and red grids are fine but the green is doubled and looks like double vision. Do you think the repair guy has mis aligned the green panel? Is this easy to correct? Cheers for any advice and apologies for all the Q's!
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Topic:   PT-AE500U Discoloration

Hey Everyone, I've got a Panasonic pt-ae500U projector and i've owned it for two years now. In the last, three to six months i noticed small purple/pink splotches in the upper left hand quadrant of the picture frame. So i did what most people would do, i got some compressed air and took the top off and blew out everything i could. Satisfied with my work i put the top back on, fired her up and it almost seemed to get worse. I'm not sure what to do about this and it's extremely distracting. What is this? Can i fix it? How can i fix it? Is this part of LCD technology? If the problem cannot be fixed and a new projector must be bought what would you folks recommend taking into account similar performance, if not better performance. Thanks for your time and thoughts everyone. Best, -Paul Pratt
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Topic:   Screen vs Wall?

Silverscreen is okay to use, but it's not a true gray. It has a tendency to push reds a bit, and you may be better off with a true gray paint, which would require a manual mix formula. Silverscreen has lamp black tint, but also has other colored tints. To get true gray, just get lamp black added. If you want the same amount of gray as Silverscreen, then the formula for a quart is 0 5 0. I went with 0 3 0, because I wanted a lighter gray.