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Topic:   3M S10 - VGA Sync on Green?

Hi I've had my 3M S10 for a few years now and it's been great. For my new setup I'd like to connect a Component device over VGA. I obviously realise that there are component connectors which I should be using (and have in the past) but for this setup I'll be running cables over long distances so I'd prefer to have to run as few as possible. With the VGA and Composite being essential to the setup I'd like to use the VGA as well for the component. So, this has led me to find numerous cables that are component to VGA, but I realise that these will only work if the Projector/Monitor can Sync-on-Green with VGA. Does anyone know if the 3M S10 can Sync-on-Green with component signals running on VGA? If not, I'll have to but some long component cables as well!
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Topic:   DVI to VGA?

Hi all. I need a bit of help setting up my projector to accept a video signal from my PC. I am running XP, with an nvidia 7800 GS graphics card. This card has two DVI outputs and one (svideo?) circular output. Like this: [URL=]PICTURE[/URL] I have my 3M S10 projector up and running, it is happily accepting signals from other units that I have plugged through a scart switching box (running TV, DVD, and x-box at the moment) so I know that the projector is working OK. I have also tested both DVI outputs of the gfx card, and they both run my monitor OK with the same image etc. My question is: What do I need to do to enable my PC to send images to the projector that it can actually use? I have the following that may be useful, but I don't know if they will actually work/be compatible: DVI to VGA jumpers Scart to VGA cables Scart to scart couplers Phono leads S-video cable (I think - came with the gfx card) Any help would be MUCH appreciated, as I am now becoming frustrated in trying to get this to work. Cheers, Ed
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