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Topic:   I replaced my Hitachi Home-1 with a new Sony projector

I replaced my 3-1/2 year old Hitachi Home-1 projector with a new Sony. Wow...what a difference. Now the big question....what to do with the old one. I have a co-worker that told me he might be interested in buying it. Does anyone know how much I should ask for it. Lamp life is 2000 hours, and have about 500 on it now. Anyone have any ideas? I also noticed I have a horizontal line on my screen that is very slight, but I noticed it. It travels from the bottom to the top, then comes back around and starts over. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Should I ground the DVD, the projector and surround sound or could it be something else? Thanks, Tim
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Topic:   Hitachi Home-1; dirt inside the lens

Hey projector people. I've had the Home-1 for a couple years now, and while I'm sure I'll be upgrading to hi-def some time in the future, this thing still has a lot of life left in it. I'm not even half done with the first lamp and I've already got a spare ready. The problem is, I've already got a lot of dirt built up inside the unit that is impacting the image quality. So far it isn't serious, but if this is how much there is after only 2 years, I'm concerned about what it'll look like in another 4. I'm sure it's somehow my fault. I take this projector various places to watch movies, including basements and outdoors. While I do pack it carefully, I typically just set it on a table somewhere when viewing. Also, I could probably do a better job of reducing dust in my apartment. I've attached a photo I took of the dirt inside the unit. I made this all visible by pausing on a black frame of a dvd, putting the projector completely out of focus (to the close end I think) and shrinking the image somewhat. The problem isn't quite as bad as the photo make it look though. Most of that isn't visible to the eye, and a lot of it is just noise from the camera shooting in the dark. Most of that stuff goes completely invisible when I put the image back in focus. The only exceptions are the bright green strings that create a smudge spot on the image, though only noticeable when the screen is black and during end credits. So, does anyone know what this stuff is and how to remove it? The unit doesn't look like it's meant to be taken apart by someone who doesn't know exactly what they're doing, but I don't think there's anyone locally who can fix this kind of thing. Also, even if there is it'll likely cost so much I'd rather just live with the problem and save my money for another projector. Is it possible that a lot of this would go away when changing the lamp, or if in the process of changing the lamp, I could use an air blower somewhere to get at this stuff? I'm not sure about removing the lamp early. I know that these lamps are designed to stop working right at 2000 hours, and I'm concerned removing one would cause it to no longer work. Thanks for the help!
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