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Topic:   Sony Qualia-004 Lamp Reset Procedure

My client has just changed a bulb in the Sony Qualia-400 Home Theater Projector, but he did not reset the lamp hours timer in the unit. After speaking with Sony, my client says that the only way to reset the lamp hours timer is with the remote control which is not on site, or has been misplaced. Sony says that it can be done by a service technician, who will charge for the service call. The projector turns on but shuts down because it believes the old lamp is still being used. Does anyone know if this can be done via the onboard menu, since the remote is not available? What is the procedure or menu options to do this? I know Sony has custom or "HIDDEN" button combinations to allow access to the service mode. Please let me know if anyone has this information so I can clear up this lamp issue. Thanks
Topic:   Video delay through projector

I'm about to integrate a client's Qualia-004 projector together with a hired Sony JH3 HDCAM player. I'm hoping to project 1080p 24fps with sync sound from the JH3's analogue balanced audio outputs. I'll be using analogue HD component to feed the projector. I've been told by one technical source that the Qualia will introduce several frames of delay to the picture due to the processing involved in SXRD technology, and that I'll need to introduce external delay to the audio signal to keep the two in sync. Can anyone confirm whether such a delay will actually occur (or have I been advised erroneously), if the delay does occur, then how many frames are involved(or msec if you prefer) are involved, and what corresponding audio delay equipment have others used to compensate? So far I've not found reference to a delay in Qualia literature (and I've not been able to find a full Qualia 004 manual as a pdf - if anyone can advise I'd be appreciative).
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Topic:   Throwback Distance = Disappoingint Drawback

Hi everyone. My family and I are lock into buying a new house that is being constructed right now. And inside it is a space reserved for "Media" and "Family" rooms which we made into one super home theatre. Initally, I was considering buying the Sony Qualia 004 for around $25K. I read nothing but good reviews about it and have not encountered a single complaint against it. However, when I tried to find the appropiate distance to put it back from the wall using this website (, I found that I need to put it back 40.9 feet for the picture to fit in a 159 inch diagonal screen. Unfortunately, the most we can go back is 31 ft. Then I was informed about the Fujitsu LPF-D711 which runs for around the same price (but a little bit less expensive). I read the reviews about it and most of them were very good, with some negative comments. But the thing that I like the most is its throwback requirement of only 25.3 feet for the picture to fit in the 159 inch diagonal screen ( My questions are: 1) Should I buy the Fujitsu instead of the more expensive (and better quality??) Sony Qualia 004 or should I stick with the Sony and settle for a 133 inch diagonal screen instead? 2) Is the Sony Qualia 004 that much better than the Fujitsu D711 or there's very little and subdle differences? Thanks. Warm regards, Luong Do
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