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Topic:   Screen resolution on Sony VPL-HS3

Can someone suggest what I can try to get the best out of my projector please. Whenever I connect to my Dell laptop with the projector connected, the screen resolution for the projector only allows 800x600, or 1024x768. I'm using VGA -> HDMI connecting lead. The result is I have black bars both at the top and bottom of the screen, but also on the left and right forcing it into 4:3 mode. I can't seem to change this through the Display settings, Graphic card settings and the Wide Mode options on the menu on the projector don't appear. Any suggestions how I can stretch the image out to at least get rid of the left/right bars. Thanks
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Topic:   Sony VPL problems

Hello All, We have a Sony VPL-HS3. The change bulb warning message appeared on the screen the other day. I purchased the new bulb and the air filter, replaced them as the owners manual instructed. After installation; The LAMP/COVER light keeps flashing and the unit won't respond any further. I re-installed everything several times with the same results. Went to Sony's site, aggrevating, dead ends, basically useless. Does anyone have any solution to maybe reset the unit somehow? We tried the remote with no success. I know the unit is outdated, but the kid's love it for the xbox and dvd's. The bulb cost $200, so some kind of fix would be appreciated. Thanks to all in advance, JC
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