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Topic:   Home Theatre Setup... please help!

So I just got my hands on a Sharp XV-Z200U DLP Projector for decent money. This is going in a room in the basement that is 15' by 8'. The room also only has one small window that I can easily cover with a curtain. I have a few questions: 1) Mounting - The room I am using has another room behind it and my plan was to mount it in this room and cut an opening through the wall to project through. This would cut down on fan noise and eliminate the projector hanging from the ceiling. My ceiling is only about 7'6''. My questions is, should I shelf mount this in the other room or ceiling mount it upsdie down? I read something about the picture being better if the projector is at the bottom of the projection (aka no lens shift as opposed to full lens shift if I shelf mount it). 2) Optimization - Not ever having had a projector before, is there somewhere I can go to look for the best ways to tweak the projector setting to get the best picture. I was fiddling with the remote yesterday when I started it up, but it's not near being optimized for picture quality. 3) Additional - My ceiling is open (I pulled it down when I moved in) and plan to run the wires through the ceiling. I have a 5.1 stereo I plan to run and I plan to only use DVD's and cable through this projector. Is there anything else I should consider when setting this up as I'm new?
Topic:   Sharp DLP- Plays for 5 min then shaky green tone distorted picture

I have a Sharp XV-Z200U. Recently experiencing a problem. 30% bulb remaining. If you turn projector on, everything is fine for 5-10 minutes and then the picture and everything including the menu shakes and is a green distorted hue. If you turn if off and wait a while the same thing happens. Any ideas or thoughts on the matter? Thanks for the help!
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Topic:   Which Projector Sharp or Optoma?

Someone is selling me an Optoma H56 projector for 1k dollars that includes a ceiling mount. It has good contrast of 2000:1 and it seems like a nice projector. I have seen the Sharpvision 200U, at Ultimate Electronics and I like it a lot. They no longer carry it but I found it on Ebay for 1,600 it has the same contrast as the Optoma. My theater room measures 14*18. I'm planning to shoot the image from approximatly 17 ft. What do you recomend as this is my first projector and I want to make the right decision. Thanks Raul
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