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Topic:   Replacement Air Filter

My old Hitachi PJ-TX100 projector needs a new air filter. Old one is torn. Does anyone know if this part is still available. If not, does anyone know how I can simply replace the filtering fabric? Thanks.
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Topic:   Bulb for PJ-TX10 - a brighter one?

Is there a brighter bulb for this unit? I would like it to be brighter. Thanks for any info.
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Topic:   Time to change lamp

Hi, I have a Hitachi PJ-TX10 and it's been running for 1700+ hours out of 2000 in the spec. When I reached 1700h I got a big message "Change lamp" that wouldn't go away until I reseted the lamp time. What happens if I don't change it and run it untill it braks? Will it break the projector? Can I still use the projector or should I change the lamp as soon as possible before it breaks? The projector runs fine except for the "Clear air filter" message, no matter if I reset the time or how much I vacuum it. The service said it is a firmware fault and will do no harm. So should I change the bulb now or wait 'till it breaks??
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Topic:   Discoloration and blotches on image

Hi I've got a PJTX10 which is showing coloured patches all over the screen. Its happeninh on all inputs and Ive just installed a brand new lamp so its not that. Ive posted some pictures here Can anyone help me out with this? The Hitachi Service Centre refused to look at the pictures, they gave me their stock email reply and said any further help would cost £170 plus VAT just to take a look at it.
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Topic:   Optoma H31 vs Hitachi PJ-TX10

recently purchased the Hitachi PJ-TX10 and have been very happy with it. It was a demo unit I bought from A & B sound for $1200 with 7 Hours on it. I also bought a 90" screen from them for $169 (BTM90). I bought the extended warrantee for 5 years for $199. Total Cost $1569. As I mentioned I have been happy with the projector but I have found some darker movies to seem very dark. I bought DVE but haven't tweaked it enough yet. The only other negative on this one is it does not have a DVI input for pure digital connection. Anyway, I just noticed that has a Optoma H31 & a 92 Inch Screen for $1499. The Optima includes a 2 year warrantee and Costco has an amazing return policy so I was considering returning my Hitachi.*20041* The Hitachi has a 700 Lumens and a 800:1 Contrast & LCD VS The Optoma has a 850 Lumens and a 3000:1 Contrast & DLP Any recommendations?
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