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Topic:   Sanyo PLC-XU55

This is a "HelpMe" thread: I bought a Sanyo PLC-XU55 off of ebay (yea not that exciting right- but i gotta do what i gotta do to get the BIG in my budget). Was purchased as-is so figured there might be some issues, and i did find out that none of the video-in's work except the DVI, which is what i planned to used anyway so that was ok. The DVI tested fine off my laptop using a RGB - DVI cord as my laptop didnt have a DVI out. I got it mounted, hooked it back up to the laptop using the same cord to test it from the mounted spot and the projector now seems to think i have a 1080i source and its shrinking down the display. I should post an image, sry dont have one at the moment but you basically seen the full output of the projector on the wall but where the actual image comes out it looks like its been shrunk to a very small resolution or maybe its trying to output a smaller resolution at a 1080i spread. I've spent like 3 hours trying to figure what the laptop is doing or what the projector is doing to cause this mess. Another issue is that in this 1080i setting it greys out many of the display configuration settings that would allow me to expand or change the display. ideas or thoughts appreciated, especially by anyone who has a similar PJ. i'm going to try a different computer that has a dvi out and try a different cable as well and see what happens. thanks
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