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Topic:   Resolution Question

Going to install a Sanyo PLC-XP55 in my house on a 100 inch screen. Resolution is 1024x768 and the seating is about 13 to 15 feet from the screen, will HD look decent in this setup or will it be grainy from the low resolution?
Topic:   How important is contrast ratio?

Hi, I had an infocus x1 with 1600? lumes and 2000:1 contrast Ratio( but got it a few hun hours short of its bulb life expectancy, found in daytime picture very washed out in dark at night not bad but color still week ,I now have a choice betweena Panansonic PT-735U 2600 ANSI 300:1 CONTRAST r, OR A SANYO A4500 LUME 1000:1CONTRAST, HOW WILL THESE WORK FOR HOME THEATER/ WHICH WILL BE BETTER? mY HOME IS OPEN CONCEPT SO TILL NIGHT FALL I WILL ALWAYS HAVE SOME AMBIANT LIGHT,(Sorry bout the caps I forgot to take them off lousy typer:)any how I read contrast ratio means nothing if there is some light? but what can I expect from these units in a Darkened enviroment?
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Topic:   Sanyo PLC-xp55 inable / disable power zoom /focus

Hi, I'm a newbie to the projector seen, friend gave me a in focus X1, got me hooked but it died after couple months Rather than replace bulb just got what I think is great deal on Sanyo PLC-Xp55 4500 lumes:) MY set up is bout 18' froom screen, Couple things I'd apreciate any helpful info anyone wishes to offer re set up ect / as I'm a monkey looking for a bannahhhhh:) when it comes to this stuff also it is used w/ approx 300 hours and I'm told some one who had access/ use of it in the company I purchased from,(who was selling as a result of downsizing) disabled the power auto zoom/Focus, as I haven't taken delivery as yet I'm wondering if that is a legit senerio? and IF so how? and how complicated will it be to re-inable, Lastly apparently it has some security enabled (that suposidly only prohibits viewing the lamp hours, I need to know if and how this can be undone as well,,Merry Christmas:) please email me direct if you have any valuable Knowledge to Share, and thankn you in advance:)
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Topic:   short throw dilemma

Hi folks, I have a particular dilemma. I need to project an image 10m high by 6m wide from a throw distance of 8m...I was looking at the Sanyo XP55 with the LNS-W31A short throw lens, projecting on its side.... But it doesn't quite make it. So I thought I should post here and see if any of you experts have a better idea. Which projector/lens combination will get me the biggest image from 8m throw distance...? thanks for your help, Baruch
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