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Topic:   Hello from N00B ! ;)

Tonight I dragged out the NEC VT46 and hung a king size bed sheet over the curtain rail in the living room. We hooked up an old laptop to the VGA port and streamed Avitar. It was very impressive. The picture was 3 Meters wide at the base. Was pretty cool. Will be interesting to see how much different the VT47 is when it arrives. I also found some nice 150" Motorised roll down screens for only $135 delivered so am thinking about grabbing one of those also. Also looking for a cheap source of super king sized bed sheets. I think this will be an easy cheap way to set up a movie night in the back yard at friends places. I'm also wondering how well the lamps store? I've found a source of lamps for $125 including casing and shipping. I'm thinking I should grab one spare for each projector if they store OK. They probably won't get used for at least a year or two at a guess. I'll take some photo's for the forum next time we set the equipment up. .-.-.
Topic:   Hello from N00B ! ;)

Hi guys, I couldn't find a forum section for N00b's to say hello so I'll try posting here. I'm sure the post can be moved if there is a better place that I have missed. OK, I'm totally new to all of this but have wanted a projector for some time now. Recently I had the opportunity to buy some cheap second hand gear from a company that was closing down and moving off shore to Taiwan for cheaper manufacturing. A friend that sadly lost their most loved job of 6 years clued me into the items being available. I managed to pick up the following. - NEC MT1020 (80 Hours Lamp left) - $Free - NEC VT46 (50% Lamp)- $160 - NEC VT47 (80% Lamp left) - $166 + Post ($25?) << Update Just purchased. - Da-Lite 4-0026 (1.8Meter Wide)[New]Pull down Roller screen - $Free. - Denon AVR-1602 Amplifier - $85 - Sony STR-DE315 Amplifier - $Free All moneys went to Animal Aid as a donation which was an extra bonus to me as I love Cats! The lamps for the MT1020 seem quiet expensive (around $250). But the VT46 lamps can be had for under $100. My area's of interest / use are for Retro Computing & Gaming, Modern gaming mainly MineCraft, Movies (Mainly SciFi, Comedy, Doco's ;Alternative Energy; Living; Science etc, & Amateur Television). I'm also interested in trying to get some sort of large sheet to hang across the back yard so we can do movie nights. I've read on the net that using something called black-out cloth is about the best way to do this on a budget? Any comments on this or idea's where to buy? I'm also not sure what the max dimensions are for the projection. I think diagonally it's about 7.6 Meters. Also wondering about the whole 16:9 thing as the projector works in 4:3 ratio. Will be very interested to receive any advice on all this. ~Ken - VK4AKP .-.-.