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Topic:   Projector dynamic range?

I am on the committee of a local astronomical society. We currently have a Sony VPL EX1 projector for use during talks. In the main we've been very happy with it's performance, but we'd like to investigate upgrading it. The problem we sometimes encounter is that the high resolution astronomical images we some times project often have very subtle faint features which just don't show up on the projected image. The comment "ah, you can't see that detail on the screen. You'll best see it on my laptop" is not uncommon. I assume this is not just an issue with resolution (the Sony VPL EX1 is 1024 x 768), but also the dynamic range/bit depth of the output. So here are my questions 1 - Are there reasonably priced products out there with considerably higher dynamic range than the EX1? 2 - If the answer to 1 is yes, what specification should we be looking for? 3 - Suggested makes and models? Thanks