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Topic:   projector lamp

I've recently replaced the lamp in my pb7220 and after 50hrs the right side of my picture seems to be partiallly blocked maybe 15-20% of the picture is blacked out. I took the unit apart as much as I could and cleaned all I could get to.I could not see any obstruction to the lense.Do you think I may have recieved a defective bulb?has any one heard of this happening?
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Topic:   Projectors and sales people

I don’t know if many of you remember your first means of showing moving pictures on a wall. In about 1948 was brought a Bingoscope 9.5 projector which had a handle one turned to make the film go through and a transformer for the lamp which stood in for a toaster. Film used to be hired from local chemist/photo shop and usual lasted between 2min and 40mins, depending how fast you turn the handle. Picture about 18inches. This was bigger then a TV screen. This was in the days when Dixons was a chemist in Edgeware High Street. Because of education being different and lack of choice, service was all the better. Staff did not have much to learn. Because things were happening slow it was easy for staff to learn and understand Today education is a joke and with latest idea that you can not fail exams or have spelling checked there is no need to learn, and the shops have so much choice, how can a sales person learn what does what and how. There is also management protecting there exalted positions but into practice the Peter Principle. The staff are kept in their place worse then the old days. “Just shift the boxes, sonny” How many makes of projector are there out in the megastores and different models. We as user, use them and understand them, the sales staff probable never open a box, let alone play with one to see how it works. Found in places like Dubai, the shops are family owned and run, the staff have stuff at home and use so they know what it does and normal have the latest toy at home. So find out what they use at home and see if they will show you. You can an interesting cup of tea if the do, but don’t touch the sweet stuff if you are diabetic. In Vijaywada and Trichy found the shops used to tell me if DVD players where counterfeit made in China and not genuine Sony, Panasonic. Use Benq BP6110 myself, which was brought because of price via internet, but checked out on Projector Central first. Screen is 4metre x 2 metres, which I got from a preview theatre in a film lab which had gone belly up. As some of you can gather I am bit of a old f..t, but feel we have the sales staff society has educated and we are that society and while Joe Public does not know better we will have to put with it. What has been posted about the Optoma H31 is an example of why there is need to look at what users are saying about products. As far as the Benq is concerned, more then happy, putting through via progressive scan old 3 strip Technicolor musicals like Annie Get Your Gun bring back the good old days as the glory and colour of just how good Technicolor used to be.
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