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Topic:   MT500- is this right?

I'm on my second MT500 after I sent the first one back, assuming it was a faulty unit. The second one is displaying the same characteristics. I don't use a boardered screen and I specifically wanted a 16:9 aspect projected image to directly replace my much-loved PTAE100. The Tosh seemd to fit the bill, but when fired up, it produces a 16:9 picture cast in a 4:3 light area. I've since read that this is standard, (although, if this is the case, I don't think Toshiba should promote it as a "True 16:9" unit.) Yeah yeah, ok. I fell for it. But. The two units I've had have had inernal shadows cast at the edges of the 4:3 projected area. When viewing a dark scene, the 16:9 image disappears into a strangley shaped mass of grey (projected black) and it looks terrible. The first unit had a large slice off of the top left hand corner (when ceiling mounted) and the second has the same, but with a large bump in the middle of the lower edge. Has anyone else had this effect and is it considered "Normal" for this product.
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Topic:   Toshiba MT500. A Common fault for all DLP projectors?????????

Background After the initial elation of viewing my new projector, a Toshiba TDP MT500, I become aware of an annoying problem. If you imagine the 16:9 rectangular image, below and above of the rectangular image are bands of faint light which are obviously not part of the projected image (this problem is only apparent when viewed in low light), since noticing this problem I contacted Toshiba who advised that it was a fault and that it should be returned. I was consequently informed by one of Toshiba’s technicians that “this was not a fault and that all DLP projectors suffered from this “dump light” problem in varying degrees”. I have to say that I was stunned by this comment and to be honest I simply didn’t believe him, after all no self respecting company would knowingly sell defective goods; would they? Anyway, Armed with statement I contacted Toshiba again, they conceded that there was a fault and replaced the unit. The replacement had exactly the same fault. I am now in possession of a third unit, which again has the same fault. After again informing Toshiba of the same fault, they informed me that there is a batch fault and they were waiting conformation from Tokyo. Having had 3 units that were manufactured over a period of a year. I am somewhat doubtful if this is in fact a batch fault. I would be very grateful for any comments about “dump light”, especially from MT500 owners. StuartB
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