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Topic:   Phillips Bsure SV2 no computer display

Hi there, i have buy bSure on ebay without cable. When i connect the projector on standard VGA card (800X600) the projector do not detect computer connection. I'm using a standard VGA cable, this projector need a special VGA cable? Thanks Marco.
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Topic:   Why Can My Projector Not Play Video's Off My Computer

Hi There, I have a Philips bSure SV2 and it is hooked up to my laptop by a VGA cable, When i play a vedio on my laptop through and media player it wont show on my prjector by it will show on my laptop. IF anyone can help i would be very greatful.
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Topic:   Blank "adjusting" screen between display modes

Hi, I am curious if there is a way to disable the apparent "movie mode" the Philips bSure SV2 goes into whenever a computer switches from a movie to a textual display. I have integrated video clips into a PowerPoint presentation and need to find some way of avoiding the blank "adjusting" screen occurring every time it goes from video to the normal display. Can I deactivate this feature some way? The manual was rather vague... A Lipp