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Topic:   Can higher wattage lamp be used?

Hello, I bought a used Philips bSure XG2. The lamp seems flat, so I want to buy a new one. Can I buy the XG2 Brilliance lamp? The XG2 lamp has 132W, and the XG2 Brilliance lamp has 200W. Thanks! Simone
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Topic:   Philips XG2 price? need some help

Hi guys, Could someone tell me around how much a Philips bSure XG2 Projector is worth used? Is a used one in great condition worth $500, $1000 or even more? Any help would be great. Thanks...any "guess's" would be awesome and would appreciate it.
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Topic:   Philips bSure XG2 screen size calculator

The subject says it all. I need a screen size calculator for this projector. I could swear blind the calculator supported this projector a few weeks ago but it definitely doesn't now. So many web pages have passed my eyes since then I could be wrong. Anyway, any links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Glenn
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