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Topic:   Balky projector

Vivitek Voyager AV200
Projector Specs
I'm attempting (and currently failing) to resurrect an old Vivitek Voyager AV200 projector. Up until last week, the projector worked fine. Now, however, when I turn it on, I hear a rapid clicking coming from next to the lamp, and the lamp won't light up. The clicking starts about 5 seconds after I flip the switch, and continues for about 10 seconds before stopping. The 'Waiting for Lamp' light stays lit. I've determined that the clicking is coming from a block of resin, about 1"x2"x3", that has two wires coming in from the projector's power supply and two wires going to the lamp's power socket. I've had no luck identifying this component. Since the company seems to be defunct, I'm hoping someone here can shed some light either on the likely cause of the problem, or what this block of resin actually is.
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