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Topic:   Opinions on the Best Sub $2,000 Dollar Home Theater Projector?

I was researching projectors for my brother....and I stumbled across this projector! Even though it is out of production you will still get the warrantee from a authorized dealer! The price is entry level while the performance would certainly NOT be! Specs 2500 lumens XGA resolution 2100:1 contrast The only downfall is the 2,000 hour lamplife. It is available through TIGERDIRECT.COM for $1299! Those are impressive specs for a projector at that price! Granted it is at 4:3 ratio but it still looks pretty nice to me! [EDIT=8ftScreenLuva|4/6/2005 17:15:59]
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Topic:   Would this projector be good for DVD use?Toshiba TDP-D2

Would this projector be any good for dvd playback? It's on's website for $1299! The specs look good but there are no reviews for me to find anywhere!?!? Model Toshiba TDP-D2
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