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Topic:   Help with first home theater!!!

Hello, I am installing a HT for the first time and would like a little help and suggestions. I am putting in the Panasonic PT-AE200u projector with a 110" screen. I have 8' ceilings, and was just curious to what would be a good throw distance and about how high should the screen be from the ground? All suggestions will be welcomed, thank you for the time to help me out!
Topic:   Best place for components

Ok this is where i need some advice. I am trying to find an ideal spot for the sound system, Direct TV reciver, etc. My options are: #1 under the screen in the front of the room. Bad thing is the lights and crap my be annoying. But it will make channel changing easier. #2 on the side but about 4 feet behind the seating area. I would have to turn around to change channels or volume. But all this crap would not be in view. Another thing is if i eventually add a PS# how would it be played if the stuff it hooks up to is behind me? I Want to build an in wall cubby for my components and need to make a decision soon.. thanks!
Topic:   Is it foolish to purchase a projector if it will be used for tv 50% of the time?

Hello all, Just wondering if the benefits of purchasing a projector would be compromised if it's use was to watch tv at least 50% of the time. That be said, I'm looking at the Panasonic PT-AE200U which is 720. Now would it make a difference if I considered a 1080? Thanks
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