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Topic:   DLP projector, color accuracy in reds & yellows

We are a graphic arts business, so color accuracy is important. Our DELL 3200MP DLP projector displays color poorly (comparison is with LCD laptop screen in small conference room). True reds are rendered 'rusty brownish' and true yellows are showing as near green. Boss man insists that this projector used to be better -- so he thought a new lamp would help. It didn't. No adjustments get anywhere close to accurate in the red and yellow wavelengths. This projector is rated at 1200 avg. lumens. Are we just lumen deficient? Does my boss remember accurate colors because he remembers how much this thing cost in 2004? Should I be looking for the highest lumen figure we can afford?
Topic:   Problem with Projector after adding new lamp

I have installed the new lamp, restart the lamp life timer. The projector starts up runs normally for about 5 to 10 minutes. It then begins to flicker, then the color beings to flicker, then it shuts the lamp off, leaving the fan running. After a cool down period, I start it up again and the same thing happens. I was guessing that the lamp was overheating, however the fans seem to be working. Please respond. Thanks
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Topic:   Dell 3200mp

I have a 3200mp dell projector. Only 220 hours on it. I want to hook up my directv high definition receiver. I saw a cable that is hdmi to the m1 connector on the back of the projector. Is this possible? Thanks
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