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Topic:   Whats with the lighted areas when in widescreen mode?

Hi, So I'm trying to understand this projector I got (and projectors in general). Its an older JVC DLA-SX21 projector. It has a resolution of 1400x1080 (4:3). So I set my PC output that is connected to the projector to that resolution. I get a 4:3 picture which is good BUT around the picture there is still a "border" of about 5" that is barely lighted. No picture just very dim light. The darker the room the more its visible. Also, this area gets brighter as i increase projector's brightness level in the menu. Why doesn't the picture go to very edge of top and bottom? This is even worse when I switch the projector to widescreen mode. What I get is very dimly lighted 4:3 area with widescreen picture in the middle! Is that normal? Because to me its distracting especially in dark movie scenes. Thanks
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Topic:   JVC DLA-SX21 Projector Brightness Question

HI. I have a JVC DLA-SX21 projector. This is my first projector. How does one know if the projector brightness has deteriorated and by how much? The picture seems rather dimm, thats why I'm asking. Now, that being said, I want to mention that I don't have a proper screen yet. I'm projecting on a wall with tannish/brown paint. I have the projector sitting about 19' from the wall. I did put a piece of white paper on the wall and the image is a little brighter on the paper most notably the whites. I've set the brightness level in the menu to 6/30. Not sure what the normal setting should be. By the way, do I understand correctly, the higher you set this number the faster the bulb will burn out? Oh and in the menu it says the lamp time is 100h. Thanks!
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Topic:   I'm being offered a 3-year old projector for $1000

A co-worker is offering me a JVC DLA-SX21U for $1,500. She said she bought it for $10K three years ago. My question is- with the better technology since 2003 and lower price points, can I get something new that's better than this unit for $1,500?
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