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Topic:   Changing YAMAHA LPX 500 lamp

I have found a source for an inexpensive lamp replacement ($340 delivered) for a 5 year old YAMAHA LPX 500 projector, but have not opened or serviced the projector before myself. Can anyone direct me to replacement instructions, or make installation suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Topic:   Yamaha LPX-500 Lamp Life

Hello - I have a Yamaha LPX 500 that has just gone through its second lamp in 1.5 years. Each time, the hours were a little less than 500 hours. The first time we were told by our installer that Yamaha only had a 6 month warranty on the bulb and it was probably a fluke. So, we shelled out the $500 bucks for the new lamp, which just went out after 478 hours. Can anyone tell me if this is normal with this unit and if not, how we should proceed or what the problem might be? Pretty expensive unit to operate at $1 per hour just for the lamp. Thanks so much to anyone who can offer advice. : )
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