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Topic:   Help a noob to upgrade current setup! :-)

Hi guys, im new to this and really really confused. I had as a gift an old projector which kinda sucks, colors are off (any way i can calibrate it? Its connected trough RGB to my MAC) and i cant really regulate it well, always have to set the keystone, thus losing quality. Still, it got me interested into this whole new 'home cinema' experience. I'd like to go 720. I would be using a MacBook as a source; mini-display port and toslink for audio; still, im in dire need of a suggestion for the projector. My room is very little, throwing distance would be a max of 3,3 to 3,5 meters; i'd like it to display on my (very cheap) 2x2meters screen, and i'd like it to be a 720p projector. Suggestions anyone? (We mainly watch the movies in 2 to 4 people; my bed and 2 chairs, but that will probably change into a couch + 2 chairs ;) ) Not really a high end home teather ehehe ... But still ... the screen size as it is now its phenomenal (2x2meters) , and i dont want a TV anymore :-)