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Topic:   Nec Mt Series

This is my first time on the site thanks for the help. Ok here is the issue Hopefully some real experts can chime in on how to handle this, because i'm an audio guy and we are not as cool as you video guys. i work for a major credit card company we installed 18 NEC MT1065 3 years ago, now in the last few month we have 8 of the 18 projectors optic's blocks go out on them.(according to nec) Now that we have had this many units go out this is the e-mail that we received from the company who installed them and keeps the service contracts on them. "To have NEC repair - MT 1065 (discounted) $969.03 - each unit would have to be sent to NEC - they will replace the analyzers green and blue, the polarizer films green and blue and the blue LCD. NEC will not allow us to order these pieces individually, they will only allow us to order the entire optics block" "(1848.98) Replacement of the entire optics block - this is for parts and labor" They had Nec come out and look at the projectors and they said this is caused by normal ware and tear. My problem with this is that the affected units only have between 1400 - 2800 hours on them. If a projector lamp can last 2000 hours why can’t a projector last 5 times that amount? Even though these units are out of warranty should there be some sort of coverage on what seems to be a manufacture issue? How should I handle this, these projectors are something i recommended to my clients/company, this could mean my job if we get stuck paying to fix these..
Topic:   Projector repair

I have an NEC 1065 in need of a new "optical base unit". Can anyone shed light (no pun intended) on this part? The projector definitely seemed in need of new polarizers for the B & G, as the image was yellowish. But, how does a new optical base figure in to this equation (very expensive to replace!)? Are there any websites out there that detail these kinds of parts and their functions? Thanks!
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Topic:   NEC MT1065 and Yamaha 720 6.1 Home Theater System for sale

Im currently saleing a NEC MT1065 projector that was sent into Best Buy Service Center for a bulb replacement. The Unit is in great shape and with dents, scraches, or scrapes. Also for sale with this projector is a Yamaha 720 watt 6.1 Home Theater System modle number YHT-755. Retail price for the projector is around $5000 and the Yamaha system is $650 (PRICES ARE NEGOTIBLE)if anyone is interested and needs any informantion please email me at
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Topic:   System freeze

I am runnning an NEC1065 projector and a Toshiba Satellite laptop (3.07 GHz and 512 RAM). The laptop has started locking-up - Ctrl-Alt-Del do nothing, you must manually turn off the system. The laptop is set for 800 X 600 at 32 bit resolution. There seems to be no consistent cause for the freeze. Even without any activity (simply displaying a screen) it locks up. And the other day, the screen went blue and had a "No RPG" message displayed. (Bad cables???) Anyone else with a similar situation? Anyone with an answer? Thanks jon
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