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Topic:   Resetting EEPROM Lamp time on NEC MT1065

Hi - Please forgive the intrusion into the forum, - but you all seem like a very helpful bunch, and I'm hoping you can help with a challenge my boss has set me.... We have at work a NEC MT1065 Projector, and the lamp is coming to the end of its life. We have a bought a new lamp, but my boss has asked me to find out if it is possible to reset the lamp life on the current lamp, so that we can continue using it until it blows up. Anyways - the NEC MT1065 lamps have a built in EEPROM on the Lamp housing, which stores the useage time. Once this reaches end of life the lamp doesn't work any more. So my questions. 1. Is it even feasible possible to reset the EEPROM? 2. Does anyone know how to do it 3. If is it, what will happen when it blows up?!? Thanks muchly, L
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