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Topic:   Focus issue on LP70

Ok, I went the cheap route and bought a refurbished InFocus LP70 because it was a great deal and didn't have a whole lot of money. The projector works excellent for playing movies through WinXP or the DVD player (via yellow video cord, would s-video work better?), but when I'm using it for my computer the focus doesn't seem to turn far enough to make a completely clear picture. If I lightly torque the focus control the picture becomes crystal clear but when I let go it goes back to being alittle blurry (not horrible but enough to notice). Is there a way to fix this? Perhaps some kind of retainer that could be adjusted? I noticed that it also gets clearer the bigger I make the picture, but my wall is not big enough to make it bigger and enjoyable. Right now its sitting about 17' from the wall and is around 110" diagonally. One solution I guess would be to move it closer to the wall and use the built-in size gain to make it the correct size again. The only problem with that would be that I don't have it mounted on the ceiling yet, just sitting on my computer desk, so I can't really move it forward otherwise it would impede my living room entrance. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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Topic:   Infocus Overheats and Shutsdown

HELP! My iLM300 (IBM) [which, except for the label, is a Infocus LP70) is shutting down after anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 minutes of use. At first I thought it was the bulb (1100 hours +), and this was its way of saying 'sayanora', so at a considerable expense, I replaced it, and guess what. It still kept blinking out after a short time. I assume it is from overheating. So, as instructed with computer fans, I gave them a drop of light machine oil at the axel (there are two 40mm fans inside near the bulb set into a custom fitting, not apparently replaceable with standard computer fans). While in there (yes, I opened the case, voiding any warranty - which had expired last month anyways) I cleaned out accumulated dust. Neither did the trick. :-( What did work was blowing canned air into the intake slowly, but hey, that would really be awkward when watching a two hour movie (And canned air ain't cheap). Soooo, I rigged up an 80mm 12V fan to the exhaust, to really suck the air through. STILL DIDN'T WORK! Does anyone have experience with this, or is there a tempature sensor that can be replaced? I don't have the cash to buy another projector! I've loved this little power house and can't figure out what went wrong. IBM - iLM300 aka: Infocus LP70 Unit Hours 1100 Lamp Hours , Brand New
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