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Topic:   help with my Sharp XG-C50X - unit powers off after few seconds

Hello ! So I bought a older projector on ebay that I am using most for effects at community dances, but also movies. Last night when I went to use my projector for movies it wouldn't start up well. I would hit the power button, it would light up for a short while, a few seconds, then it would go in standby mode (i think ) after about 6-7 tries it finally fired up and worked. The bulb hours were rest when I got it, the owner said the bulb has lots of life but who knows. -- Anywone know why this would happen ? I thought the bulb blew but in the end it worked for 4 hours straight with no issues... strange. thanks for your help
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Topic:   No powere to my Sharp Xg-c50x

Hi everyone, newbie to this forum. I've had my XG-c50x since 2003 and it has been a great unit. I tried plugging it in last week to find that there is no power at all to it. I tried various AC plugs and different outlets. Still no power at all. The lamp life was at 65% when it was last used (maybe 2 weeks ago), and on top of that I have purchased a brand new lamp for when this one blows. It is long since passed any warrantee. I contacted Sharp and they said that I should ship it to them. Once recieved there is a $50 evaluation fee plus $40 return shipping. If I decide to get it fixed the $50 fee will be applied to the repair. Before I send it in, I am wondering if anyone had a similar problem and if it was a cheap fix? I am thinking a power supply problem. Even then, I am completely in the dark as to how much Sharp gets to fix these. I would hate to have the problem be cost prohibitive(especially since I spent $$$ on the new lamp), and have to get into another projector. I was thinking of getting one off Ebay for parts and having an electronics place locally fix it using parts from the donor projector. I really like this unit, but do not want the repair to cost me an arm and a leg. Any help woould be appreciated...Thanks!
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Topic:   I need a reliable resource to get a lamp..

Apparently this 5yr old model has an almost impossible to acquire lamp. I was told it was on backorder at the manufacturer. I tried a local vendor. Nothing. I tried an online company that accepted payment, but is giving me excuse after excuse as to why they aren't getting me the bulb. I noticed that a lot of the craigslist/ebay postings are selling used lamps that are way past the expected lamp life and describing them as like new. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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