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Topic:   Reasonable Repair Shop

I am looking for a reasonable shop to repair my Sanyo PLV 60HT projector. It is more than 10 years old, and has a beautiful picture (I paid about $5,000 back in 2004). I am in the Denver Metro area, and a good repair shop near that area would be great; however, I am willing to send it out of town. I just bought a new lamp, but the projector comes on and within 2 seconds it goes off. Any recommendations for a good repair shop?
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Topic:   Laptop VGA out to AV Receiver to Projector?

I have a Sanyo PLV-60 connected to my Pioneer VSX-35 TSX AV Receiver via component video and S2Video. My projector is mounted to a lift and retracts into the ceiling. I would like to connect my laptop's audio and video to do occasional software demos through my AV Receiver/Projector. The laptop has 15 pin VGA out. Since the projector retracts into the ceiling, I prefer if possible to connect through the AV Receiver rather than direct to the projector. I have available composite and S2Video input ports on the Receiver, but all component in ports are already in use. Will S2Video be acceptable, and if so, how do I go from VGA to S2Video? The run length will be about 15ft. Thanks, Jerry
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