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Topic:   sharp pgm 20x dvi to hdmi?

hi, new to forum, but gotta question. i want to go blu ray player on my pgm20x. it takes component cable but only after a dvi to component adaptor. to get upscaling of my current dvd library i understand that you must have hdmi cables. is there now an adaptor that allows hdmi cable to dvi? or if anyone knows how to upscale sd dvd's with my pgm20x please help!!!! also, the pgm20x will do 1080i and 720p. will the ps3 blu give me the life like and 3d image on my pg20? thanks for your help.
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Topic:   Projector LAMP

What will happen if I run my projector, Sharp PG-M20XU, lamp over the recommended hours? It is recommended for 2000 hours. It has hit that and the projector will not stay on for more than 5 minutes, automatically shutting itself off. I can reset the lamp hour meter and this will stop but when the lamp finally does go bad will it damaged my projector. Do lamps burn out or blow up? I dont want an expensive repair bill to clean glass up inside the projector. Don't have the money to buy a new lamp right now and would like to stretch another month out of this one. thanks in advance. jAck
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