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Topic:   Canon LV-S1 hidef problem

Hi all I have a Canon LV-S1 at home which seems to have trouble receiving input through it's Component & VGA connections. I have tried connecting different devices (ranging from PCs to a DVR to a Xbox360) and none of them seem to work. My goal is to use the Xbox360's HDTV output on my projector - it can output in both 720p and 1080i. I tried forcing the projector to a certain signal but no dice. When I try connecting through the VGA port is also doesnt work, regardless of resolution. The menu just gives me the ---- no signal message. Using the composite and S-Video inputs pose no problems btw, it's solely through component and VGA. any suggestions? is this a common problem? perhaps some firmware-related issue (although i have scoured the internet for firmware news, to no avail).
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