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Topic:   need help, green sync electrohome 1280 hdtv?????

Electrohome DLV1280
Projector Specs
Hi everyone. Thank you in advance for the help and knowledge that you are about to give me. i am very new to projectors and feel like i have read through the posts on here, but do not see anyone asking the questions that i have. therefore, i have some questions that might seem dumb, but since i dont know the answer, i want to ask them: 1. if a projector is cable of doing SXGA doesnt that automaticly make it a HDTV capable projector? i bought the Electrohome 1280 from ebay. the picture is very bright and there is plenty of life left on the bulb. Since i paid $200 for it, i feel like a got a great deal. however when i hooked it up to my Sony DVD player, it will only work when its set to interlaced mode. when i set it to progressive scan it displays a green image. I changed the wires and then tried it with my xbox (its just the regular xbox with the hdtv connector). The xbox does the same thing. it shows a green screen. 2. does anyone know where i can get a manual for this projector? i think my above problems may be solved by playing with the settings. but being new i feel i will do more harm than good, since i dont really know what i am changing. my goal is set the projector up such that i can watch HDTV from directv. i have the hughes decoder, but have not tried to hook that up yet. the projector does have a VGA input. i have not tried to hook a computer up to it. but am 90% certain that the VGA connection works without issue. i dont have any regular video source (DVD, Xbox, Cablebox, sat box, laserdisc) that has VGA output. therefore i have not tried it. Thank again for the help