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Topic:   Getting dust out of interior lens?

Hello, Sorry if this has been posted but I didn't see a search for this forum. I have dust within the lens assembly of my projector. How does this come apart? Is there a site out there that addresses the procedure for taking one apart and cleaning it? It looks like a lens with a screwed in dust cover. Is there a special tool to remove. Appreciate any info I can gain. It sure is making movie watching a real pita. Best Regards JD Hall
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Topic:   Bulb Hours?? How to know

I got my porjector used was told ther was 200-300 hours on bulb now after 6 hours of use the light is blinking to tell me the bulb has 1000 hours. Person i got it from says that shipping may have shortend the life of the bulb. Is that BS? I thought the projector would just count the hours it was on and tell you when you got to the pre set limits. I paid for a projector with 1200-1300 hours of use and got 500. think i got hosed? thanks Sam
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