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Topic:   Proxima DP6155 Projector

I just purchased a Proxima DP6155 Projector from eBay. This unit did not come with a remote control, but it appears that it can be controlled by my PC. I have USB cable to connect it to my laptop, but I cannot locate the software needed to manage this unit. I've checked Proxima, Infocus (bought out Proxima) and Ask C105 (same projector marketed under a different name) websites, and I am not having ANY luck! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Reggie
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Topic:   Red Fringing? Proxima dp6155

I just bought this from ebay and this is my problem , the edges of everything,faces, buildings,the screen, have red fringing,( I dont know how else to decribe it ) but when I set the projector to ceiling and flip it over it doesnt ...the only issue then is ,the right side does have a faint green fringe but only the right side of the screen none ( not much if any) of the viewing areas, just the right edge .. I am more concerned with the very bad red fring//if i am able to take it apart to clean something , i can just pkease point me in the right direction .... I am new o projectors but I am not new to taking my crap apart .... If only i could afford a good new one, I could stop with this ebay crap.... Thanks for your help
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Topic:   Is a VGA input be better than S-video

There are a few converters than can take comp inputs to VGA. Would it be better than just using a s-video? Also how would the projector diplay the ps3 using a HDMI to DVI cable? PS- the projector does not display HD singnals but has a Display Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)
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