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Topic:   how to make my projection image smaller

Hello, I recently renovated my place, and mounted a projector approx. 3.5m away from my 84" (width) screen. After all is done (with false ceiling covering up most of my ceiling mount bracket) and to my dismay, I realize that the image produced by my ViewSonic PJ500 is too big to fit right in to my screen due to the distance, and I have already set the display to be the smallest possible. Given it is tedious to physically shift the projector closer, is ther any setting or means of making the image smaller (so that it can fit properly onto my screen)? If nothing can be done, I am receptive to looking for a new projector. Can anyone advise what spec should I look out for in a projector in order to fit my screen at 3.5m? Is there any brand that you can recommend? It is to be used for watching DVD/Blueray mainly and I am alright with 720p. Thank you very much in advance.
Topic:   Testing the lamp with a.....

DVOM like you could a incadecent lamp? I have a Viewsonic PJ500 I bought used the power light and the lamp light are both red. The lamp looks good but tests open with a dvom can you test these lamps with a DVOM?. I have also tested the power to the lamp and it is only .04v which is low assuming I am testing it right.I hate to buy a lamp if it doesn't need one. Any help is appreciated.