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Topic:   Proxima Projector DP8000hb Convergence Issue

Hello all.....I was refered to this forum and I am in need of some help. I have 2 Proxima Projectors both DP8000HB (ASK c300). One is used protable the other is used at home. Both are out of warranty and both have a similar convergence of the colors problem. On projector 1 the blue is 4 pixels left and 7pixels up. Projector 2 red is 8 pixels left and green is 5 pixels left. I have had them completly and the optics and LCD's all check out ok. I have swapped main boards between the 2 and problem seems to follow the main board. This tells me that it is in need of a digital adjustment. I called proxima for tech support and they wanted $80 to talk to a tech and even if I paid they were not "authorized" to give me access to the adjustments. Does anyone here know how I can fix this or access the service menu with out trying 100,000+ remote combinations? Id like to keep them both as I have a spare lamp still for each....but I cant justify paying a ton of cash for something I can easily fix myself. It cant be much harder then an old big screen tv.....Thanks
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