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Topic:   HELP?: Large pattern over image

Hoping someone has seen this kind of behavior before and can give me a heads up on the cause and maybe a course of action. I've had the projector for about 3 years running perfectly. Also, I have about 15% of lamp life left according to the projector. This new development has me and my pocketbook very worried. Please, any insight or experience appreciated...
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Topic:   NEC VT45 - no red

I've been given an NEC VT45 (LCD) which I believe is about 3 yrs old, and has 800hrs on it. There's no red whatsoever in the image - tried all the adjustments, new cable etc. Checked the connectors for bent pins. In fact even the on-screen menus seem to lack red so I'm convinced it's an internal fault. Could it be the bulb, or is it likely to have a more serious fault?
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Topic:   powerpoint presentations???

is this projector suitable 4 powerpoint VT45 thank u in anticipaition
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