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Topic:   Lenses in optical path and magenta image

Hi Lads, I have an emp TW700 bought in europe in 2007 (Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 810 US equivalent i believe) i have used it no problem since i opened it up to clean and made the mistake of removing the lenses in the optical path to clean them i am now trying to put them back. The RGB path has the three separate primary colors and just before the LCD panels there are two flat lenses for the R and G channels and one lens in the blue channel. I can tell that the first lens the light hits is a polarizing lens but have no idea what the second lens is. It seems to have no effect on the light at all. I would like a knowledgeable boffin to shed some light on this question. Second, i have read, and watched youtube channels that to adjust the contrast, which is what i want, i need to feed a black image and tweak the lenses until i get the blackest image. No problem there except that I only get a magenta image and not black. I have read that this can be indicative of a spent bulb which is my case since the light is very weak or it can be an issue with the green optical path since if it is dim the a magenta color will ensue. This is my second issue and would be very grateful if somebody could address this problem. I am currently waiting for a new bulb which is going to be an LED car headlight which i plan to adapt to the old lcd projector instead of a proper HID bulb which is very expensive and worth more than the projector itself. Many Thanks
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Topic:   Epson 720p/Pro 810 question

I am currently running a demo on the above projector (epson 720p/810) and am experiencing what appears to be a small but rather annoying bit of chromatic aberration. Or could it be an LCD chip alignment issue? For the most part the image quality is great except this one issue. On sharp or abrupt edges such as white type or perhaps MIB2 (white shirts-black suits) you can clearly see a one pixel registration mismatch of red and the opposite side will be green. Normally I would consider this a lens chromatic aberration issue except that the R/G pixels are so sharply defined. Anyone else experience this issue with these projectors? There seemed to be no mention of this in the reviews done on either of them. Thanks
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Topic:   Is this a decent price?

nevermind, please delete [EDIT=davef|7/14/2005 2:13:39]
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