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Topic:   Lamp Problem or Something Else?

I'm having this strange intermittent issue with my old Sharp DLP projector. My original bulb has about 600 hours and I'm not sure if it is just the bulb starting to go or if it's something more serious. I posted a couple of quick videos of it occurring. This happens to be cable, but it has happened with my Blu-ray and Roku box as well. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan
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Topic:   Split green screen

I have this unit mounted to my ceiling and it is projecting onto a white wall and has been working great until recently. Just recently the left side of the screen projects with a green hue while the right side projectors normally. You can still see the show but with a green hue to it. None of the settings have changed and the lamp timer is at 115 hours. We are also running this unit with component cables. Anyone have any idea what the problem is and how to fix this issue? Shannon
Topic:   Are there any converters that will make a HDMI up converting DVD Player usable for component video?

I bought all new equipment about 3 years ago and none of it uses HDMI. I see many DVD players that upconvert to HD but they use a HDMI connection to do it. My Sharp projector is HD but uses component video as does my A/V receiver. Is there any sort of converter or adapter I can use to get the HDMI connection from the back of one of these new DVD players converted to component video and still get the upconverting benefit that is being offered? Better yet is there a box of some sort that can take a regular signal from an existing component video sorce and convert or upscale it to HD. I'm grasping a straws but I thought I would ask the question.
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Topic:   Sharp XV9000 Fan Noise

Hello...I was wodering if there was a way to partially enclose my projector to cut down on the fan noise ??? Or any other suggestions. Also curious of the maximum distance from the screen I could move projector back without losing to much picture quality ???
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Topic:   Sharp z9000u comments

Anyone out there have experience with the Sharp z9000u? I was ready to pull the dang trigger months ago with a ScreenPlay 7205. Now I have another thing to consider. I have an opportunity to own a new in box Z9000U for about 1/2 the price of the 7205. Is it worth it? Seems that technology keeps improving and I'll need to just deal with it. My hopes are that someone can throw out some valid comments. The facts: Room size is 13' wide (screen wall), 19'6" deep (throw), 8' ceilings. No windows, total control of all light. Killer sound system. Can't switch anything better than component video. Will likely do a Da-lite contour cinema vision 110" diag (96" wide). What do you guys think? Also please comment on screen choice for DLP. Evidentally Sony has their new SXRD technology that is supposed to blow away most consumer projectors, and will likely cause lots of price drops. In my environment, will I appreciate the improvements available over the Z9000U? PJ
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