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Topic:   Help choosing a barco lens please

Barco BarcoData 2100 LC
Projector Specs
Ok, i have had a 2100lc projector for awhile, but have never had the right lens. Instead, i have been tripping over it in my house, cause i have to sit it in the middle of the room to watch anything. I am wanting to purchase a used lens either on here or on e-nay, but am not sure the correct way to choose a lens. I am hoping if i enter all of my information here, somebody could help me choose. Basically i am trying to decide the (?????:1) number. Here are my specifications: From the front of the projector to the screen (throw) :194" My screen is 72"x96" Don't know if it matters, but i believe the lcd in the projector is a 10.4" I appreciate anybodys advice----thanks
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