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Topic:   Fellow Projector Geeks I need help....

I have a problem my infocus lp290 projector has started to discolor and blob so I opened her up and found that all 3 polarized color lenses were burnt and do I obtain the lenses and do any of you have any you could spare a fellow projector geek?? I am attaching the images of the 3 lense filters without the colored lenses and where they go in relation to the projector. Thanks again for your help please feel free to email me at wytecaztle@
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I am gonna need a lamp pretty soon and I'm too young to have a job and dont have cash and I need a lamp for my infocous lp290 so I'm gonna have to probably buy one used so if any one has any way to help please do Any post is a good post
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Topic:   Need help with Infocus LP290

Someone gave me an old LP290 projector and it runs but the screen image is really dark. I'm thinking that the bulb needs replacing but I would hate to cough up the $$$ for a replacement bulb only to find out that it isn't the bulb at all. Does anyone know of any way that I can check before I make such a costly (possibly) bad investment in something that is useless. Thanks for any advice. pcguru2000
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