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Topic:   Weird problem with image Projector

Hi all! I have a Toshiba TLP-X10 projector, and it has a weird probem. I have another projector somewhere laying around with exactly the same problem. With 2 projectors having the same problem, i thought it will be a common problem but i couldn't find anything like my problem on the web. I have searched this whole forum, with no luck. I also couldn't find anything on Google. After hours of research, you are my only hope left ;) Let's get to it; It is a 3LCD projector, and the colours red and green are just fine but blue isn't. It seems like the image has been divided in vertical (invisable) bars which are about 12pixels wide. If a blue pixel is projected on even bars, its al fine. But on the odd bars, the blue pixel is projected on the bar wich is exactly 2 bars to te left! So in short, the part of the image that is on a 'odd bar' is shifted 2 bars to the left (only the blue colour). I have marked the odd bars black in my second image attachment. Not very clear? I think the added images will make it much clearer! This problem does not depend on the input. It shows it also when you are in the on-screen menu. It would be great if anyone has any idea! It drives me crazy; it's my second projector with this problem and i just want to know what causes it. Thanks in advance :) Jelmer
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