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Topic:   Move Theatre Room Layout help

Okay, I have spent the day playing around and mapped the wall with a 120 inch screen and 135 inch screen also found thx recommended minimum and maximum sitting distances, and figured out how to play with the projection calculator better. Think I can shrink my request to please validate the following. I will use 135 inch screen, the Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB will be placed between 13.3 and 16 feet. At 13.3 Feet the zoom is 2.10x At 15 feet the zoom is 1.85x At 16 feet zoom is 1.74x Im assuming it wont make a difference other than placement. Please correct me if I am wrong. Should I be placing it further for less of a zoom? Looking at the projector itself I get this data. Throw Distance: 10.3' - 29.4' Image Size: 49.93" - 300.25" Throw Ratio: 1.35:1 - 2.84:1 (D:W) Have I interperted this correctly? Does the zoom make a difference? Thanks again all.