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Topic:   Newbie, help needed with upgrading

Hello, and thanks for accepting me to to page. I am a newbie to projectors, but am now hooked. I currently have Epson EX3220 (that I recently purchased gently used for 200) without doing slot of research. Now I know it is a basic projector made for presentations and not home theatre with the pixels only being 800x600 and contrast ratio of 10000:1,but it does have 3000 lumens. I also have a 150ā€ Elite Screen roll down. It is in a 15ā€™x32ā€™ basement room that has 4 glass block windows on left wall and sliding glass door facing screen. I was impressed how well/bright the picture looked even during the day, but as we watched more I started noticing the lack of pixels more and more. So now I am thinking of upgrading to something with a better quality picture. I have my eyes on the Epson home cinema1060. I see it is 1920x1080, 15000:1,& 3100 lumens. I would imagine this would be a night and day comparison as far as picture quality goes. Before I pull the trigger I wanted to see what others had to say about this. Also I was wondering what is more important, pixels or contrast? I would think pixels? Also thoughts on factory refurbs?, and why is there so many models? Iā€™m not looking to spend big dollars on an upgrade. I know I can get my money back on mine, and I found a 1060 refurb for 500. Thanks in advance for any help/info/suggestions. Have a good night.
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