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Topic:   Viewsonic PX727-4K vs Optoma UHD65

For those who have seen and tried both.... I use my projector in a dedicated dark environment. Coming from a Epson 5030....I purchased the Viewsonic PX727-4K and like it enough for movies. However,sporting events, I cannot seem to calibrate it to where i can stand it (we are resolution freaks to be sure). It seems to lack the black level and contrast of the Epson. Don’t get me wrong. 4K and Blu-ray are really nice. I also understand Broadcast is a lot of 720p so I know I’m not expecting miracles here. It seemed the 5030 handled “junk” better. All that said. I am not in love with it for watching sports or broadcast tv. Would the Optoma UHD65 be $1000 better for movies and TV? (if so, I am in). I can return the Viewsonic within the 30 day period and upgrade. Is it night and day better?? I bought this based on the “editors choice” pick and wondering if my money would have been better spent with a higher end unit.
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