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Topic:   Keystone Correction/Aspect Ratio Problem

Hello forum members, first time poster here! I own a BenQ HT2550 projector, and to cut a long story short, due to a few oversights with my first home theatre setup I need to eliminate some keystoning present on my image with keystone correction. The problem I am facing is that when I introduce keystone correction, the aspect ratio of the image is not maintained. For example, with no correction I am able to produce an exact 16:9 formatted image, however with a keystone of -5 the aspect ratio goes from 1.77 to 1.82 when measured, and I end up with a 1 inch bar at the top and bottom of the screen (i.e. for the same image width, the height is reduced). In order for keystone correction to be useful shouldn't it maintain the same aspect ratio when adjusting the image, or is this a side effect of the correction process that I will have to live with? Thanks for reading, Lee.
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Topic:   BenQ HT2550 projector language got stuck in Chines

Hi , I bought a used projector BenQ HT2550 and the language is in Chines and when I try to go to menu I see a triangle with exclamation point and bunch of Chines which I don't understand ! it does not let me to access the menu , actually non of the bottons on either remote control or on device itself work . The only botton that works is on/off . Please how can I get rid of it ? Also I can hear a little ground noise when I turn on the projector , I'm not sure why , maybe the volume is set to highest !? and it blows out hot air as soon as I turn the projector on . Is this normal ?
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Topic:   BenQ TK800 or HT2550

the BenQ TK800 review on the site says it performs noticeably better than the HT2550. not just brightness, but also the brightness uniformity and color balance of TK800 is better than HT2550. Does this mean TK800 is better than HT2550 in all aspects except the color range?
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