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Topic:   Input Search at Random Times (during video games, etc)

Anyone seen this before? Here's the skinny (Optoma HD39Darbee): I'm connected to my Xbox One via HDMI (into HDMI 1 / MHL input on the projector) playing Destiny 2. In the middle of a match, everything's great and then at seemingly random times, the projector goes blank, shows me the status box at the lower right (Input HDMI 1/MHL: Searching), then I get the spinning circle icon in the center, then my game reappears. This interruption lasts for about 5-10 seconds - seems way longer when you're playing the game though. :) Sometimes this interruption happens twice in a row, sometimes just once. Seems to happen at least once in every match I play - but only during the matches (they last around 6-9 minutes each). More symptoms: When I play Borderlands 2 on the same console, this very thing was happening, but not at random times - it was happening whenever the load screen came up between specific areas. Didn't seem to happen besides then. What I've done: - I went into 'Options' and turned auto-input searching off. - I went into my Xbox One options and changed my color space to the default setting (instead of PC-RGB). Funny thing is, once I changed that color setting on the Xbox One, Borderlands stopped getting interrupted by the projector input search issue. But after launching Destiny 2 again, I started getting it during matches. So - I'm hoping someone else has noticed this and there's an easy fix for it. I'd hate to have to return this projector because all else considered, I really do love it. What say you all?
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Topic:   Hi! I´m new here. I´m trying to decide between two projectors.

Hi! I´m new here. I´m trying to decide between two projectors: Epson Home Cinema 2150 and Optoma HD39Darbee. I read a great article about these two entry-level projectors, from M. David Stone: ( A summary of the article: "Important are differences in brightness and contrast, although both are the opposite of what you would expect from the specs. The HD39Darbee has the higher brightness rating, at 3,500 ANSI lumens, compared with 2,500 lumens for the HC 2150. However, we measured both at essentially the same brightness in their brightest modes, and the HC 2150 is brighter in the modes you're most likely to use. That translates to the HC 2150 delivering more saturated color in higher levels of ambient light and gives it the advantage in a brightly lit room. The story for contrast follows the same pattern with the roles reversed. Though the HC 2150 has the higher contrast rating, the HD39Darbee actually has visibly better contrast--at least for 2D. In the dark or in dim lighting, that gives it more vibrant color and a greater sense of depth Epson Home Cinema 2150 (2500 ANSI Lumens): Dynamic: 2823 ansi lumens Cinema 1784 lumens Natural 1735 ansi lumens Optoma HD39Darbee (3500 ANSI Lumens): Bright 2836 ansi lumens !!!!!! Cinema 1155 ansi lumens !!!!!!!! Reference 593 ansi lumens !!!!!!!!!" ) I´m a cinematographer buying my first projector and I´m in a budget. I´m sorry if my english is not the best, I´m from Argentina. I will be using the projector in two different fully darkened environments for film projections trying to watch them as good-natural-calibrated as possible. I used your calculator. Primary I will be using the projector in my room: Diagonal screen size: 65, Throw distance: 7' 3". In both projectors I have too much light? Can I to put the brightness(?) of the projector down enough so I can to see the image in ideal conditions? (The HD39Darbee has the Reference mode, that has low lumens, I suspect I will be ok with that. What about the Epson? Can I put lumens or brightness down enough in some way? Do I need put a ND filter? Secondly, but not less important I will be using the projector in a BIG room for movie projections with other filmmakers: Diagonal screen size: 136", Throw distance: 18' 1". Both projectors match ok in the calculator for "Recommended image brightness". But I´m affraid of the HD39Darbee, because I want to see the colors in a quite proper way and what I´m reading in your article is that the only way I can see quite real colors is in the Reference mode (593 lumens) and even in the Cinema mode is only 1155 lumens (1739 on the Natural mode of the Epson 2150). In that case I´m afraid the Optoma wont be enough lumens t for an ideal projection. As the real measurements on the HD39 are really lower than 3500 lumens (even lower than the 2150 that is in the limit of "ok" in the calculator for the big screen and long distance I have). Will be the Epson 2150 the best choice? I realize that the HD39 has better contrast and blacks in small rooms, but what about my big room? Can I calibrate the HD39 to see skin tones them in a natural look and being able to project it in my big room with long throw distance? Or do I have to consider the Optoma HD39 like a 1600 lumens projector in the calculator, that is not enough for my BIG room? Also I can't see on the web any pictures of projected images of the Hd39 so I can´t see how skin tones are. In the case of the Epson 2150 from the pictures I see I suspect it has really natural and beautiful skin tones. I know I will be able to calibrate a projector in a good way. I could bring the gamma down on the Epson 2150, enabling the Superwhite and balancing brightness and contrast. I realice that the HD39 has better contrast and blacks in small rooms, but what about my big room? And what about skin tones, can I calibrate them in a natural look and being able to project it in my big room with long throw distance? I´m also interested in the Darbee mode, but I don´t want nothing to look fake or over sharpened. So I don´t know if in it´s a lowest mode, the Darbee will be much different from the picture enhancement of the Epson 2150, or even so different from adding a little of sharpness from a VLC player... Sorry for all these questions. What projector do you think is better for me? Maybe another model? I can´t pay more than 900 uss. A friend of mine offered me a Panasonic PT-AE3000U with 2000 hours but I think it´s too old and their 1600 lumens are not bright enough... The buy of this projector is really very important for me, Thank you very much in advance! All the best! Juan
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