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Topic:   Using Ultra Short Throw Projector for Rear Projection

Hi I was wondering if anyone could comment on using a ultra short throw projector like the LG HF85JA as a rear projector. I see in its case a PJT Mode setting in the manual to flip the screen horizontally. I was planning to use a rear projection film on a glass window and projection from the rear. Can anyone confirm I am thinking in the right direction about this?
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Topic:   What happens if you go under minimum listed screen size?

Hi, I've been looking to get the LG HF85JA projector (or rather, the HF85JG given that I'm in Japan) because my apartment is quite small and I do not have the space needed for a long throw projector. I just noticed though, that the specs for this projector list screen size as 90" to 120". Does that mean that it will not work for smaller screens that are, say, 60"? Will the image just spill over the edges of the screen? The problem is (again, due to small apartment) that the biggest standing screen (looking to avoid wall mounted screens since I'm not allowed to hammer anything into the walls) I can fit is probably 60".. I'm rather keen on the HF85JA just because it seems to have all the specs that I've been looking for (long lasting light source due to laser/ultra short throw/supporting 1080p), but if it can't fit on a 60" screen then I may need to reconsider.. or try to figure out other screen alternatives. Any advice would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance!
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