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Topic:   Need Help Getting Sound to work with New Projector

Hello, I just recently bought a projector for the first time (Epson HC 2150) and I need help figuring out how to connect the projector to a soundbar. I have a 4x1 HDMI Switch I am using as well to plug in my PS4, Roku Streaming Stick Ultra, and OTA antenna feed (have a digital converter box to switch from coaxial to HDMI). I am looking to purchase a soundbar and place it as shown in the attached image. I need help figuring out how to connect the soundbar to the projector but I also need the soundbar to be able to play while using the PS4, Roku, and OTA antenna feed. The only option I see is that I need to buy a soundbar with an HDMI port instead of an optical port. I also have read that I might need a soundbar with HDMI arc but I have no idea if that's true for the setup I drew. Does anyone have a good solution how to get the soundbar to work for every device?
Topic:   Epson 2040 worth upgrade to 2150?

So currently I have an epson 2040 with a 100" drop down white elite screen. Is the 2150 worth the upgrade? I was thinking of getting a grey fixed 100" screen with the 2150 but I just don't know if it's worth sinking close to $1000. Should I save up for a more expensive 4k in the future or what? I've even looked into a 65" 4k tv but I just don't know.
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