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Topic:   Epson or Panasonic LCD projector

I received a local grant to install a projector and screen in a space that is 35ft by 42ft with a good amount of ambient light. The projector will be used to display photographs, presentations, some video, and song lyrics. The space has very high ceilings and a relatively small space available for the projector and screen. My budget is $2000. I have a modified portable speaker stand to mount the projector to a height of 76 inches which is just above the bottom of the screen. The projector also needs to be within 10.5 ft of the 80 or 92 inch screen. I have used the projection calculator and “Find a Projector” tools and I am looking at two LCD projectors - the Epson PowerLite 2055U (approx. $1399) and the Panasonic PT-VZ585NU (approx $1499). The Throw distance on the Panasonic is slightly better as are the few reviews I could find. It also has vertical lens shift but requires the lens to be in the middle of the screen (according to the projection calculator) which would use all of the available lens shift. Anyone have experience with either of these LCD projectors?
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